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We facilitate exports to Saudi Arabia by direct commercial representation. Subscription-based partnership with Romanian producers, contracts for no less than 3 months, monthly fees starting at EUR 150.

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ROKSA Trading House connects markets and companies, generating business for everyone.

Manufacturers, producers and distributors from both countries have an excellent, proven and reliable solution to dispatching their products to other markets.
We are in constant touch with the main retailers, distributors and manufacturers in the country, being constantly updated on what's hot and what's needed in the Kingdom.

The result of our work is always profitable for both our partners, the Romanians and the Saudis.

ROKSA Trading House is an established partner of the Saudi Ministry of Commerce and Investment ( and the Chambers of Commerce in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam.



Commercial Representation

ROKSA Trading House gets all relevant data about your company, your products, quantities, prices and delivery terms and submits it to tens and hundreds of potential buyers and/or distributors. It is a subscription based service, therefore a monthly fee of EUR 150 per company is applied, for a minimum 3 months representation period. During this interval, ROKSA finds you buyers and/or distributors and helps you grow your business and diversify your markets. When a deal is agreed upon, ROKSA is entitled to a certain percentage as success fee, out of which the overall subscription budget is deducted.


ROKSA Trading House facilitates exports and imports of goods between Romania and Saudi Arabia, making sure that the process runs flawless. We are able to assist our clients with a solid team of experts, legal advisers, logistic solutions, in order to maximise results in every deal.
Many of our clients take care by themselves of the export logistics, shipping and so on. However, whenever a Romanian partner requires assistance in business processes, we are happy to oblige. Labelling, shipping, custom clearance, certificates, etc. - ROKSA is here for support.

Business Consulting

Based on our solid, long-term knowledge of both markets, ROKSA Trading House is able to advise business on production particularities, packaging, pricing, delivery terms etc so any company can adjust its products and services to the targeted buyers.

Trade Fairs, Economic Missions

ROKSA Trading House is organising periodically trade fairs and missions, business meetings between corporate representatives, international delegations, etc so demand and offer are never too far away.

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